Our Development Team

We have a wonderful development team who are passionate about cryptocurrency, programming working round the clock to build FOP Coin to a new level.

Jordan Souter


He was quick to know that one of the barriers to entrepreneurs in growing their businesses is the high transaction costs demanded by financial intermediaries such as banks, card and payment providers. Now he has involved in the development of FOP Coin as a solution to this problem

Lincoln McCaughey


He is a Technology Enthusiast and supporting Jordan mission (FOP Coin – The Future Payment Processor).
He has more than 10 years experience in IT industry.

Connor Propsting


He is working as Chief Security Officer at FOP Coin. He is responsible for IT security and other security functions at FOP Coin. He has more than 5 years of experience in this filed.

Owen Grant


He is working as Chief Financial Officer at FOP Coin. He is primarily responsible for managing the financial risks of the business and also responsible for financial planning and record-keeping. He has more than 10 years of experience in this filed.

On T'ang

Lead Programmer

He is Lead Programmer at FOP Coin. He has 8 years experience in programming filed and had worked for many organizations.

Zachary Kennedy

Software Developer

He is Software Developer at FOP Coin. Over 10 years of experience as a software developer specializing in PHP, Javascript, Node.js, Magento, etc.

Joel Roberts

Blockchain Engineer

He is working as Blockchain Engineer at FOP Coin. He is Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with a strong background in mobile application development.

Kang Lung

Marketing Manager

He is managing all marketing of FOP Coin. He already worked with many companies. He is very talented and experience person and knows how to make a brand product.

Leo Oliver

Blockchain Engineer

He is Blockchain Engineer at FOP Coin. Data Science enthusiast possessing 10 years of experience delivering successful solutions.

Jin Lai

Assistant Programmer

He is Assistant Programmer at FOP Coin. He has 3 years experience in programming filed. Now he is on FOP channel.

Gang Mao

Web Analyst

He is working as Web Analyst at FOP Coin. His task is to observe trends and data reporting, analyzing current online marketing acquisition strategies and exploring new opportunities

Kazuyasu Yokoyama

Software Developer

He is working as Software Developer at FOP Coin. He is young and very passionate in development of FOP applications. He has 2 Years experience in software development.

LCallum Glover


He is ultimately responsible for the development of the website, FOP app interface, PDFs and guides and FOP user experience.

Yul Tsui

UX/UI Web Designer

He is working as UX/UI Web Designer at FOP Coin. He is very experienced person and responsible for UI/UX integration and implementation.

Elliot Quinn

Marketing specialist

He is experienced in viral marketing and social media. He is part of the FOP promotional team, creating campaigns and exposure for the brand.

Harvey Donnelly

Legal Advisor

Having worked with major online and offline businesses, Harvey has significant experience in the online gaming and cryptocurrency space

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