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FOP is An innovative, fast and secure digital currency aimed to replace the traditional payment system over the internet through a decentralized peer-to-peer network without the need of bank.

FOP Coin is poised to grow exponentially. Using a total Proof of Stake system as its basis, the coin has been made available to everyone, more so, it’s quite easy to use.

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Online retail transactions are on the increase daily while emerging technologies continue to bring simplicity and ease to transactions between businesses. These technologies also make transactions easier for customers. Such technologies include e-wallets, mobile payments, etc.

With the ever growing processing market, there will be increasing demand for more payment features and alternatives. Peer to peer transactions are being demanded for more than ever before as customers seek for something beyond conventional banking models; cashless transactions as well as mechanical transactions which include vending machines and parking meters.

Introducing the new revolution, the future;
the FOP Coin (Future Payment Processor).

It will connect Online-Shopping and E-Commerce worldwide. FOP will facilitate an amazing shopping experience which will be fast, secure and relatively cheaper (transaction fee).

Let’s Start with a New Revolution and Strong Blockchain Technology...

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FOP Community Building System (FCBS)

FOP coin has been developed for the mass market. This will be achieved by bringing people who have never heard of digital currency into this sector.

A major goal of the community building is to reduce the gap between members, promote and champion the use of FOP coin, support and educate people who want to know more about digital currency.

FOP Launches new cost effective and easier way to build its community.
This is an extremely flexible and robust social networking scheme based on referrals system.

Every Member Receives Good Rewards for Inviting and Signing Up New Members

A major goal of the community building is to reduce the gap between members, promote and champion the use of FOP coin, support and educate people who want to know more about digital currency.

The more you participate, the bigger rewards you receive, and it does not stop there; there are much more incentives. Establishing expectations.

The Community Building Program will provide participants with the tools to identify Blockchain Technology, establish potential solutions with a focus on moving specific objectives and projects to completion. The idea is to create the highest quality program and attention to detail for millions of people globally.

FOP Community Building System (FCBS) utilizes peer to peer or one hand to other, and with the help of this system we are adding a large amount of worldwide members to our community.

We have a Magical Reward System for our members

which comprises Direct 30% Bonus for referring other members and Exciting Level Rewards.

FOP Community Rewards

FOP rewards the new community members and gives 10 to 30% Coin Bonus on
100 to 2000 USD investment.

Moreover, whenever a new member signs up through your referral link you will receive 30% Direct Bonus which is withdrawable instantly.

The level rewards program is designed to boost your referral activity.
The more people you refer the more rewards you receive, and in this way you are helping FOP to build its community much faster.


25 Million FOP Coins, which represent 10% of all generated FOP Coins, will be offered during the ICO.

FOP allows community members to buy coins at very lower. One FOP Coin is equal to 25 cents (1FOP = $0.25)

The Initial Coin Offering of FOP will be started at
20th March 2018 to 5th May 2018 by selling FOP Coins for 45 days.

Coin Name: FOP COIN
Coin Symbol FOP
Currency Symbol Image
Starting Price ICO 1 FOP for USD 0.25
Total Supply 250 Million
ICO 25 Million (10% of Total Supply)
Decimal Places 9 Decimals
Fundraising Goal USD 6 Million
Minimum Purchase 200 FOP Coins
Methods of FOP Purchase CoinPayment (10+ Cryptocurrencies) and PM

0 + 0 (30% Bonus) = 0

Enter Amount (Min 50 USD)

Perfect Money Coin Payments (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP...)

Coin Sale Bonuses

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Fast Transactions

No Chargebacks

User Friendly

E-Commerce API

Low Transaction Fee



Global e-Commerce is a Necessity.

Domestic Shoppers Look Beyond their Borders When They Go Online

Nielsen’s Connected Commerce Report found:

“Shoppers are increasingly looking outside their country’s borders, as more than half of online respondents in the study who made an online purchase in the past six months say they bought from an overseas retailer (57%).”

E-Commerce Market & FOP Goal

Global Retail Ecommerce Sales Will Reach
$4.5 Trillion by 2021

Cumulative data from Statista anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide ecommerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s a nearly threefold lift in online revenue.

Retail Ecommerce’s Global Spread Makes International Sales Non-Negotiable.

The goal of FOP Coin is to penetrate 1 percent of the market by 2021 and achieve a capitalization of $45 Billion.

1 FOP Coin Price Will Reach $180 by 2021

See Our Roadmap For More Details

FOP Roadmap

FOP Concept Design

November 2017

Jordan Souter Reveal the Concept of FOP Coin

Team Formation

December 2017

FOP Team is formed with many Skilled Professionals

Website Development

January 2018

Website Development Started

Initial Coin Offering

March 2018

20th March 2018 ICO opens and is set to run until 5th May 2018. FOP Priced at $0.25c

Desktop Wallet

June 2018

We will release Desktop Wallet with Staking Function

Mobile & Web Wallet

June 2018

We will release mobile and web wallets for receiving and sending fop coins.

Exchange Listing

July 2018

FOP Coin will be available to trade on some exchanges with good starting price. We are expecting minimum price of FOP $1

Merchant Services

August 2018

Merchant Services will be started and FOP Coin will list as payment method at many e-commerce websites.

FOP Coin Exchange

September 2018

FOP Coin will launch HongKong Based Cryptocurrency Exchange with all major trading pairs and at this moment FOP Coin price will be around $5

e-Commerce API's

October 2018

e-Commerce API’s will be released and FOP Coin will introduce as payment method at many e-commerce websites.

FOP Seminar

December 2018

FOP Coin Seminar will be held in December 2018 at Global Head Office (Hong Kong)

2019 - Aim for moon!

Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 Goals

1 Million Global Users. Enhance app Capabilities. Reach up to 10,000 Merchants. $500 Million Market Cap. FOP Coin Price will be $10 with circulating supply of 50 Million FOP Coins (20% of the Total Supply)


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